Cancellation Policy

Full Refund if surgery is cancelled at 28 or more days prior to surgery.

Transferable Deposit – surgery cancelled 21-27 days prior to surgery will result in a loss of deposit.  However, you may transfer your deposit to a new date within the next 30 days.  After 30 days, if surgery has not been performed, deposit will be forfeited.

Loss of Deposit – surgery cancelled 20 – 10 days prior to surgery will result in a full loss of deposit.

Loss of Full Payment – surgery cancelled 9 – 0 days prior to surgery will result in full loss of payment.  If full payment has not been made, your account will be subject to collections and you will not be able to reschedule a date with EOC until that payment has been made.

Special circumstances will be reviewed by management on a case by case basis. 

Surgeries cancelled by the surgeon for failure to provide accurate medical information or for failure to follow the pre op instructions will result in full loss of payments. 

Surgeries cancelled by the surgeon for prior unknown medical conditions that are determined by pre op testing in Tijuana will result in a full refund (minus travel costs incurred, and any testing costs incurred in Tijuana).