Plastic Surgery FAQ

Q: Who do I contact for a free consultation:

A: Go to the Fill out the consult form. You will need to choose your surgeon or pick next available if no preference.

Q: How much does surgery cost:

A: It is different for everyone and requires a consultation when you are a 31 or lower BMI AND at least 10 months out from weight loss surgery if you had it. There is a basic price list under the Featured section on facebook. The range could be anywhere from $10,000-$19,000 for any package

Q: What if I didn’t have weight loss surgery:

A: We provide plastic surgery services to everyone

Q: What are the age requirements for surgery:

A: We are accepting patients between the ages of 18 and 65. Face surgery age limit is at the surgeon discretion.

Q: Why is the required BMI 31 or lower:

A: Because a higher BMI poses a much higher risk of necrosis and DVT among other complications. The results are not as good as a patient under the required BMI as well. Your health and safety are our number one concern.

Q: Is there any leeway on the BMI requirement:

A: No there is not. This BMI gives leeway for those with a higher muscle mass or extra skin.

Q: How do I find out my BMI:

A: Google BMI calculator. We base it on height and weight.

Q: What happens if I show up for surgery and my BMI is above 31:

A: We may cancel your surgery with no refund or impose a high BMI fee of up to $1500 payable before surgery if the surgeon feels it would be safe to proceed after reviewing your history. The determination is made on a case by case basis by management.

Q: Do we perform the Fleur de lis tummy tuck:

A: Only if it is absolutely necessary and there is no other way to get a good result.

Q: How long do I have to wait between surgeries:

A: At least 6 months. Face surgery can be 3 months after body surgery.

Q: How long do I have to wait after having a baby to have surgery:

A: At least 6 months to get a new consult

Q: What is the average length of stay:

A: Most stays are 8 to 9 days depending on where you live

Q: What if I don’t want a BBL:

A: You don’t have to get one, however when getting lipo common with all tummy tucks, the BBL is included with full lipo. There is no price difference without it. You don’t have to get a lot but it certainly does help with the shape after fat loss.

Q: What services can I have added on to my surgery or performed at my pre/postop appointments:

Juvederm Volift (for lips, nasolabial lines..lasts one year on average) $450/syringe

Juvederm Voluma(cheek and chin augmentation, nonsurgical rhinoplasty) $550/syringe

Juvederm Vobella (smooth under eye area) $450/syringe

Dysport(works like Botox lasts 5-6 months on average)

1 area-$150

2 areas-$250

3 areas-$350

Botox (lasts 4 months on average)

1 area-$150

2 areas-$250

Full upper face, crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines, brow lift $350 As many units as needed.

Q: Do you take Care Credit:

A: Sorry, no. Care Credit does not work for surgery outside of the US.

Q: What financing options are available:

A: Once you book a surgery date and pay the deposit, you may make as many payments as you like up until 60 days before surgery when the balance is due in full.

Q: What financing companies do you work with:

A: Currently we do not have a financing company that we are working with right now

Q: Can I change my surgery date after I book:

A: The changing of surgery dates causes a multitude of problems including the time it takes for us to rewrite your contract, coordinating the hospital and the surgeons and his assistants time, lost revenue and people who could have used your date not getting surgery. Please be very thoughtful when choosing your surgery date and make sure it works for you before committing.

Q: How can I make payments:

A: This will be in your surgical paperwork. We accept credit cards, Zelle, Bank of America deposit and wire transfers. Refer to your paperwork

Q: Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico:

A: You need either 

  1. a passport / passcard or
  2. a copy of your birth certificate and your valid ID


Q: Do I need to change my USD to pesos:

A: No, they take USD everywhere. You may however get your change in pesos. You can also use your credit card pretty much everywhere. Make sure to let your financial institution know you are traveling

Q: What airport do I fly into:

A: San Diego airport (SAN)

Q: Are the surgeons board certified:

A: Yes they are. All of their many credentials are listed in the Announcements/Featured section at the top of the Facebook page.

Q: What kind of sedation is used:

A: Depending on the surgeon you use you will either have an epidural or general sedation where you will be intubated.

Q: Where is surgery performed:

A: Our surgeries are performed in Blue Medical or CER Hospital in Tijuana, MX

Q: What hotel do we stay at:

A: Your included pre and postop stay is at The Grand Hotel

Q: Do I need to take my belongings with me when I leave the hotel for the hospital:

A: Yes, you will check out of the hotel and be assigned a new room when you return so bring all of your belongings with you. Unless you pay to keep your room at the hotel while in the hospital for $150. All arrangements need to be made more than 21 days out.

Q: Can I keep my room at the hotel while I’m at the hospital:

A: Yes, the cost is $150. Contact your coordinator. This must be arranged more than 21 days before surgery.

Q: What is included in my package

A: Your package includes, ground transportation, hospital, hotel, basic medications, one compression garment (if needed for your procedure), lymphatic drainage massages if having a significant amount of lipo, preop testing, pre and postop appointments with the surgeon.

Q: What if I want a second compression garment:

A: We recommend this. Currently, you will need to purchase this before you come. Dr Lazos and Dr Nico use Marena and Dr Ochoa uses Fajate

Q: How long do I need to wear my compression garment:

A: We recommend 2 months, full time-24/7. If you feel you still need the support, after that time you can continue to wear it or move to a stage 2 compression garment.

Q: Is there a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot in the hotel rooms:

A: Yes there is a refrigerators and coffee pot in the rooms. A microwave is available at the nurses station on the 11th floor

Q: What is NOT included in my package:

A: Airfare, food for you and your companion, and any pain meds that you require above and beyond what we provide which is Ketalorac (tordol)/ Tramadol.

Q: What kind of antibiotics will I receive:

A: Keflex unless you are allergic to Penicillin in which case you will receive Cipro. Please talk to your surgeon during your preop to remind him of your allergies

Q: Do I need to bring bandages and supplies with me:

A: No you don’t, but you may bring a couple for the trip home in case you have extra drainage

Q: Can I have nail polish, acrylic nails, fake eyelashes, or eyelash extensions on for surgery day:

A: No, we need to be able to get an accurate oxygen reading and assess circulation so we ask that all nails be free of polish etc. Fake lashes/extensions get in the way and are not permitted.

Q: Do I need to have a mammogram before having breast surgery:

A: We recommend getting a mammogram if you are over the age of 40 and getting breast surgery.

Q: Do I need to have labs drawn before surgery:

A: Yes, We request labs be drawn 1 to 2 months out from surgery. It is always good to have a baseline to know if you need to work on it prior to surgery

CBC (Completely Blood Count), BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel) and PT/PTT (Coagulation Study), A1C if diabetic and TSH, T3, T4 if you have thyroid issues.

Q: Can I bring a companion:

A: Yes, one companion is included for free in your package. Companions must be at least 18 years of age. Children are not allowed on the premises of the hospital, hotel or in our vans.

Q: Do I have to bring a companion:

A: No you don’t. While it is easier for you to have a companion, it is not necessary. It all depends on how well you handle pain and how independent you are.

Q: Are there nurses available to help me at the hotel:

A: Yes there are. The nurses come to check on you up to twice a day and are available by phone. They are there to help you shower and change bandages. They are not companions and aren’t there to stay with you and keep you company.

Q: How will I know how to care for my incisions and when to remove my drain/stitches:

A: You receive postop paperwork and your surgeon sends you home with a postop care sheet. I email it out as well. Should you have any issues or questions or concerns once you arrive home, direct them to your coordinator. The drain and stitches are removed on day 14 by you very easily.

Q: How do I know what supplies I will need postop:

A: You are sent an essential item list. There are also posts on facebook from patients with their recommendations

Q: Are pain pumps available:

A: Yes, these are paid at the time of surgery directly to the Anesthesia provider. You will discuss this with anesthesia at the time of surgery if you are interested.

Q: Is Jplasma available:

A: Yes, Jplasma is done in conjunction with liposuction. It cannot be done where skin has been undermined as in the case of a tummy tuck or lift. It is best used for areas with little loose skin to help tighten those areas after liposuction