Meet Ashley


EOC is a weight loss surgery company that changed Ashley’s life. She was inspired by incredible transformations in the Facebook support group and decided to have the surgery. Ashley trusted Dr. Ortiz and the EOC staff, and they successfully performed the gastric sleeve surgery. She advises others to trust the process and their surgeon. The experience traveling to Mexico for the surgery was amazing, with friendly drivers and a comfortable environment. Weight loss surgery has dramatically improved Ashley’s life, allowing her to be energetic and pain-free, enjoy time with her kids, and avoid the health complications her parents faced. Ashley is grateful to EOC for the profound difference the surgery has made. In three months, she lost 50 pounds and over 100 pounds since starting her weight loss journey.


My name is Ashley, I am 32 years old and I currently live in Arizona. So I actually know somebody that had surgery with Dr. Ortiz and she added me to the Facebook support group. I sat on the sidelines and watched all of these incredible transformations, all of these incredible stories from so many men and women and it was so inspiring. I was not in the right place mentally when I first joined the support group to have the surgery but when we moved back to Arizona in July of this year I told my husband that it was time for me to do it. I really really wanted to do it and so in August I reached back out and paid for my surgery and here we are. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I actually worked with somebody that had had surgery with Dr. Ortiz and she introduced me to the Facebook group. I researched and researched and researched and finally realized that this was the right decision that I knew I could trust Dr. Ortiz and the entire EOC staff to perform the surgery successfully to keep me safe and healthy and that’s exactly what happened. Dr. Ortiz was my surgeon and on August 10, 2023 he changed my life forever with the gastric sleeve surgery. My one piece of advice would be to trust the process. It’s a hard one but the payoff is so incredibly worth it. Trust your surgeon. He knows what he’s doing. Just keep going. So I had actually never been out of the country prior to having this surgery and the experience was absolutely incredible. The drivers were amazing. Mario drove us from San Diego to Tijuana and Eric drove us back from Tijuana to San Diego. They were so friendly, so fun. They make you feel so comfortable and safe. The EOC staff, the doctors, the surgeons, everyone. It was just an unbelievable experience and something that I will never forget. Weight loss surgery has changed my life in the best possible way. I watched both my mom and my dad struggle with their weight my entire childhood and ultimately my dad passed away from complications from diabetes that led to congestive heart failure in January of 2021 and I made the decision that I did not want to live my life like that or leave my kids at such a young age. The worst part is that the ways that this surgery has changed my life are just completely unexplainable. Not being tired, not being in pain, being able to keep up with my kids and just enjoy every aspect of life has made such a whirlwind difference and I can’t thank EOC enough for that. Since surgery on August 10th, so it’s been three months, I have lost a total of 50 pounds but since I began my weight loss journey, I have lost over 100 pounds.

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