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Ashley Cook, a 38-year-old from Arlington, Texas, chose Elias Ortiz & Company (EOC) for her plastic surgery after researching costs and care options in the United States. Impressed by a friend’s successful experience with EOC for both bariatrics and plastic surgery, Ashley contacted them for more information. She had previously researched surgeons in Mexico based on recommendations from friends who had undergone plastic surgery there. Ultimately, EOC surpassed her requirements, so she sat down with them and received a quote. On August 23, 2023, Ashley had a 360 tummy tuck breast lift with implants and a mini BBL with Dr. Rios. Her advice for plastic surgery recipients is to take it easy during the recovery period, noting the importance of avoiding bending, standing, reaching, and lifting. Upon arriving in San Diego, Ashley felt cared for as EOC arranged transportation and checked her into the hotel. They even accompanied her to her pre-op appointment and ensured she had medication. The surgery was followed by a satisfying meal and continued attentive care from the nurses at the hospital and the Grand Hotel. Ashley’s decision to have plastic surgery was not solely for her appearance; it also had functional benefits as it allowed her to exercise freely and wear desired clothing after losing 170 pounds. She is now 176 pounds lighter than her highest weight of 316 pounds.


Hi, my name is Ashley Cook. I am 38 years old and I live in Arlington, Texas. I decided to have plastic surgery with EOC after I had done research and seen how much it was going to cost in the United States and the care that I would receive in the United States. I had a friend who had gone through EOC not only for bariatrics for her plastic surgery also and her results were absolutely amazing. So after drilling her with questions, I decided that it was going to be a safe option for me and reached out for more information. I had known a few friends who had plastic surgery and I started researching the surgeons that they had used. Two of those friends had used surgeons in Mexico and EOC ended up meeting everything that I needed and a little bit more. So I decided to sit down with EOC and get a quote. On August 23rd of 2023, I had a 360 tummy tuck breast lift with implants and a mini BBL with Dr. Rios. My best piece of advice for someone having plastic surgery is to take it easy. Take it easy for those six to eight weeks. You’re going to be feeling better a whole lot sooner than you would expect and you need to be very careful with bending, standing, reaching, lifting, all of it. Take it easy. You don’t want openings. From the moment I stepped off the plane in San Diego, I knew I was going to be taken care of. I had text messages from our driver about what he was driving and where to meet him. He got us across the border without issues, checked us in at the hotel, took me to my pre-op appointment with Dr. Rios for my pre-op testing to get my meds and then back to the hotel. That evening, my husband and I had an absolutely amazing meal at a restaurant that was near the hotel within walking distance. From there, we had the surgery. All the nurses took such good care of me. The food in the hospital was even so delicious and I never had to worry about whether or not someone cared about my health. The nurses back at the Grand Hotel were incredibly caring and didn’t make me feel bad for a single thing that I needed and the massage therapists were top-notch. Plastic surgery wasn’t just for my image. It makes me feel fantastic, yeah, but after losing 170 pounds, I was left with quite a bit of loose skin. It affected the clothes I could wear. It affected my ability to exercise and now with all of that loose skin gone, I can exercise freely and I can wear the clothes that I want to wear and not have to wear. I am down 176 pounds from my highest weight of 316.

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