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EOC is a weight loss surgery company that Autumn, a 36-year-old from Iowa, found on TikTok after extensive research. She was drawn to the positive reviews and long-term results of EOC’s gastric sleeve surgery, which she opted for on September 7th with Dr. Ortiz. Autumn had a wonderful experience and recommends bringing a heating pad for comfort. Despite initial nervousness about traveling to Tijuana, both she and her husband enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and are now eager to return to Mexico. In just three months since the surgery, Autumn has lost over 60 pounds and experienced numerous positive changes in her health, such as reduced knee and back pain and improved skin. The surgery has also prompted her to make healthier lifestyle choices. Autumn is close to reaching her goal weight and continues to lose around two pounds per week. She attributes her success not only to the surgery but also to the nutrition class she took at EOC.


Hi, I’m Autumn. I am 36 years old and I’m from Iowa in the U.S. I actually found EOC on TikTok after about two years of researching and speaking to local physicians about getting the gastric sleeve surgery. And I loved what I saw. I loved the reviews and I absolutely loved the results that they were getting, which seemed to be more long-term and cost-effective as well. I had an aunt who actually traveled to Tijuana a couple of years ago to have the same surgery done and she really enjoyed her experience. So when I got online and was looking in the Tijuana area, I saw EOC on there and then I noticed that they had a TikTok account. So I went ahead and went on there. And then I also was following all the people who were tagging EOC in TikToks. My surgery was September 7th and I had the gastric sleeve with Dr. Ortiz and it went amazing. I could not have asked for anything better. I met a wonderful group of people down there as well. I would say to bring a heating pad. That is the biggest one that helped me out so much. And we actually ended up forgetting ours. So one of the other guests there left theirs for me to use and that made everything so much easier. Also, do it. Don’t wait. Just go through with it. It was amazing. So Tijuana, I had never actually been to Tijuana, but I have been to Mexico before with my grandparents. And this was the first time that my husband had ever left the US. So he was a little nervous, but by the end of it, he was looking for more trips to Mexico because we had so much fun. It was so laid back and it was such a good experience. The surgery has changed my life in so many ways in the short three months since I’ve had it done. I have lost about 60 pounds and with that 60 pounds, my knees no longer hurt. My back doesn’t hurt as bad. I noticed that I don’t struggle with like grownup acne anymore. It also made it much easier for me to change my lifestyle habits, what I was eating, what I was drinking, those things that you don’t normally pay attention to because we live such a busy lifestyle. The surgery really makes you think about that. And it has been such a wonderful change for me. I’ve lost just a little bit over 60 pounds. I think at this point, I am actually very close to my goal weight, which will be the smallest I have been since high school. I am very excited about that. I know that the weight loss at first is very dramatic, but then it kind of evens out. And so I’m still steadily losing a good two pounds per week. And that is with taking into consideration not just the surgery, but the nutrition class that I took at EOC as well.

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