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Blair Peterson, a 30-year-old from Monticello, Kentucky, chose Elias Ortiz & Company (EOC) for weight loss surgery after extensive research. The high cost of U.S. options and lack of overall client support led her to explore options in Mexico. Upon discovering EOC and their supportive Facebook community, she felt confident in their amazing client support. Through the community and online research, Blair learned about EOC and decided to undergo weight loss surgery with Dr. Kovarubias in July 2020. She was so pleased with her experience that she also returned for plastic surgery with Dr. Niko in July 2021. Blair’s weight loss has been a huge success over the past three years, and she attributes her accomplishments to leaning into the supportive EOC Facebook community. She emphasizes the importance of community support and praises the responsiveness and level of care she received from the EOC team in Mexico. Blair describes her experiences in Mexico as enjoyable and like a mini vacation, despite the surgeries. Weight loss surgery has changed her life, allowing her to lose over 100 pounds, achieve better overall health, and have a successful and improved pregnancy experience. She is three years out from her surgery and has no regrets, maintaining a healthy weight and enjoying a sizeable reduction in her dress sizes.


Hi everyone, my name is Blair Peterson. I live in Monticello, Kentucky and I am 30 years old. Why did I choose EOC? Well, I had been researching weight loss surgery for a while now. I was a serial yo-yo dieter, you name it, weight all over the place and I was really looking at options. I knew my mom had been to Mexico prior with a different organization but also years ago for a different kind of surgery. So when I really dove into the researching, especially in Mexico, primarily was because it was so expensive in the U.S. and even just the client care, just I didn’t feel like I was being supported overall. So when I found EOC and the community, I just knew I was immediately getting amazing client support and the Facebook community was so helpful answering any questions as I was navigating the process and even as I was going through that journey. So that’s definitely why I chose EOC and why they’re so amazing. So how I heard about EOC was, A, I was doing a lot of research for companies in Mexico but B, it was primarily the Facebook group. They have an amazing Facebook community and I immediately just jumped right in there to ask questions. It’s an awesome group full of people who have gone through the process, are going through the process, are interested in the process and that really through kind of research and Facebook online primarily is where I found EOC and that community has been such a support to me throughout my whole journey and how it led me to the wonderful EOC. So my weight loss surgery was done with Dr. Kovarubias. I always butcher that so I’m hoping I got that right but it was July 26, I believe, in 2020 and I’ve actually had two surgeries with EOC. I actually love them so much. I went back for plastics and recently this past summer, on July 20th, I had my plastic surgery with Dr. Niko. So both surgeons were amazing but weight loss has been over three years now and obviously a huge success. My one piece of advice would be to lean into the community and that’s one of the really amazing things about EOC is the Facebook community for weight loss and for plastic surgery is so the Facebook community for weight loss and for plastics both are large but truly supportive. If you have any questions, whether it’s just searching in the search bar for previous people or you want to ask something yourself, even if it’s already been asked before, the community is awesome and I can’t tell you how many times that I have leaned into the community, whether it’s just lurking for questions to help, you know, is this normal? What’s going on? Or just I’m going through a hard time and you see that post and you see all the love and support. So as you go through this journey and this ride, because it is a ride, definitely lean into the wonderful community EOC has. So I have had two experiences in Mexico and they’ve both been awesome. The team is always so responsive with driving you across. Anything extra you want to do, you want to go to the spa, you want to go to, you know, shopping if you’re able to because plastics, you’re a little bit more, you got to chill out. But even after with plastics, the level of support you get after you just don’t get that here. So overall, the experience in Mexico was awesome. Both times I’ve been, it’s been such a fun experience knowing that I’m being taken care of in an awesome place with great views. And it’s kind of like, even though you’re going for surgery, it is kind of like a mini vacation. You get a break. I have two kids, two cats, two dogs. And it was really nice to have a little break, even though, um, it is surgery. So Mexico is awesome. I would totally do it again. Weight loss surgery has totally changed my life. I have lost over a hundred pounds. I want to say give or take, and I am just so much healthier and better. And it is an amazing tool. I even through this process, it enabled me to have a child and a much better pregnancy experience. My last pregnancy, I had a C-section due to kind of complications and preeclampsia. My next pregnancy, I was able to have a V-back and have a natural birth. And I was so stoked about that. And I, I totally attribute it to getting the weight loss surgery, getting healthy to be able to do that. And I’m so happy all that it’s done for me. And even more, as I continue this journey, I am three years out and maintaining, and I have no regrets. So as I said earlier, I have lost about a hundred pounds overall. And I think my BMI was in the forties and I am now down to like a healthy 25 average BMI, which is awesome. And even for me, my dress sizes, I was in like 16, I think even 20 at one point. And I’m now down to like a size six, four, depending on clothes. Cause we all know they’re, they’re all very, but, uh, yeah, that it’s been amazing. And I have lost a really healthy amount to get to a really awesome maintenance weight.

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