Meet James


James Ortiz is a 58-year-old patient from the Philippines who chose our weight loss surgery company, Elias Ortiz & Company (EOC), for his bariatric gastric sleeve procedure. James decided to have the surgery in Mexico after learning that his Medicaid coverage in the United States would take six months to process, costing him more money than going through our program. He found EOC through a Google search, recognizing it as one of the top medical tourism companies specializing in weight loss surgery. James emphasizes that his only regret is not getting the surgery sooner, as his health problems worsened during his one-year debate.

Throughout his experience, James felt safe and accommodated. EOC provided him with an enjoyable stay at a beautiful hotel that felt like a vacation compared to his living conditions in the Philippines. Despite apprehensions about safety, James assures that the location, security, and staff were excellent. He emphasizes that he would go through the whole experience again without hesitation.

The results of the surgery have been life-changing for James. He has lost 90 pounds, no longer suffers from sleep apnea or excessive snoring, and no longer needs medication for high blood pressure. His mobility has greatly improved, allowing him to work on his farm with ease, contrasting with his previous immobility.

Overall, James highly recommends our weight loss surgery program at EOC. He advises others not to delay the surgery, as he experienced significant improvements in his health and well-being.


My name is James Ortiz. I am 58 years old and I live in the Philippines. Last summer I went back to visit the United States and I found out my Medicaid would pay for my surgery but it was going to take us six months to go through their process and it would cost me more money living in the United States for six months than going through Mexico. So I did a lot of research and all signs pointed out that EOC was one of the best programs and probably possibly for sure the best doctor doing the surgery. So that made my choice easy. Actually I just did a Google search and quite a few companies from Mexico came up that specialize in medical tourism and after doing research I came to the conclusion that EOC was at the top of the list. I had surgery performed by Dr. Elias Ortiz on September 12th of this year and I had the bariatric gastric sleeve procedure. My one bit of advice would be do not put it off. I debated having the surgery for over a year and my health problems just continued it escalated and I finally made the decision to go ahead and do it and my only regret was I didn’t do it sooner when I had planned on. I treated it like a little vacation. They put us up in this beautiful grand hotel. They had a little casino down on the main floor. It was just compared to you know where I’m living now in an old cubo in the Philippines. It was a beautiful hotel, a beautiful stay. I felt completely safe all the time. You know people tried to tell me don’t go to Mexico but there was nothing wrong with where we were at. The location was good. The security was fine. The staff was amazing. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Oh the difference is like night and day. I’ve lost about 90 pounds already. I don’t have sleep apnea no more. My wife says I’m not snoring. I don’t have I don’t take my high blood pressure medication. My legs aren’t swelling up. I’m mobile. I’m able to work around here at the farm where I live whereas before I was just kind of non-mobile at all. It’s amazing the difference.

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