Meet Kathryn


Kathryn, a 33-year-old from Wichita Falls, Texas, chose Elias Ortiz & Company (EOC) for her weight loss surgery after extensive research. She was impressed by the surgeons’ dedication to long-term success and the caring staff. EOC stands out by providing extra time for recovery in Tijuana and being readily available for any complications or questions. Kathryn discovered EOC through online research and chose Dr. Ortiz as her surgeon. Her surgery went smoothly, and she advises those considering weight loss surgery to seek therapy or counseling beforehand. Her experience in Mexico was enjoyable, with no issues during travel or at the hospital. Kathryn is thrilled with her post-surgery results, having lost around 90 pounds. She now has more energy, enjoys spending time with her family, and even loves going to the gym.


Hi, I’m Kathryn. I’m from Wichita Falls, Texas, and I’m 33 years old. When I was researching different medical groups in Tijuana, and I did a lot of research, what really impressed me with EOC was the dedication the surgeons have to their patients. They really, really want you to succeed long term with your weight loss surgery. The staff was very caring as well. The amount of time they keep you in Tijuana, as opposed to other medical groups, I thought was really great. They keep you a couple of extra days. That way, if anything happens, if you have any complications, they’re right there to come and help. If you have any questions about your recovery, they’re just right down the hall from where your hotel room is. I think those things overall were the reasons why I chose EOC. I didn’t necessarily hear about EOC from anyone in particular. My best friend and I had been talking about weight loss surgery in Tijuana because it’s something that I had been trying to pursue for a good couple of years now. Whenever I was doing research on the internet, I came across EOC as one of the medical groups I was considering. That’s how I heard about them, was just doing research online. My surgeon was Dr. Ortiz. My surgery date was August 8th of 2023, and I had the gastric sleeve. I guess if I have one piece of advice for anyone that is considering weight loss surgery would be to speak with either a therapist or a counselor beforehand. Some people are just not ready yet for weight loss surgery, and it’s something that you really need to be ready for. My experience in Mexico was actually really great. We had no problems with our flight. Our flight arrived on time. The drivers were really nice and very friendly and so funny. They want to see you succeed as well. The staff at the hospital was great. All of the nurses were super nice and very caring towards you. All the doctors were great. My surgeon was great. I have no complaints whatsoever. Everything in Mexico was a lot of fun, and everything was just great. Weight loss surgery for me has been amazing. I can do so much more now. I can play with my foster child so much longer without getting tired, and she really enjoys that. My husband is enjoying all the changes as well. We do so much more as a family. With me having my family with me having a lot more energy. I love going to the gym now, hence the Planet Fitness shirt. I have a lot of fun, and everything’s just been great. So I lost a little bit of weight before surgery, and then I’ve lost quite a bit more after surgery. So total, all together, I am down right at about 90 pounds, and it’s pretty incredible.

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