Meet Krista


Krista, a 39-year-old from Minnesota, found Elias Ortiz & Company (EOC) after years of searching for the right place to have weight loss surgery. She was impressed by the positive reviews she found on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, which convinced her to choose EOC for her surgery. Krista underwent the endoscopic sleeve surgery with Dr. Galvo on September 27th, 2023. She advises others considering the procedure to be proud, not be too hard on themselves, and remind themselves that it is a journey, not a race. Krista had a great experience outside the country for the first time, praising the drivers, hotel staff, and hospital staff in Mexico. Weight loss surgery has drastically improved Krista’s life, making her more confident, adventurous, and hopeful for the future. She has lost 54.7 pounds since her surgery on January 9th, 2024. Krista is grateful for her experience with EOC and would choose them again without hesitation.


Hi, my name is Krista. I’m 39 years old and I’m from Minnesota. After many years of searching for the right place to have the surgery, starting and stopping kind of like we do with diets, you know, I found EOC just by doing research. I knew I wanted to go down to Mexico to have the surgery and I just, I really liked what people had to say. I joined in a couple like a Facebook group and I kind of did some research and then I found everything on like TikTok and Instagram about it and it kind of set my mind in place and then I applied and that was really what made my decision for EOC was just the amazing results that people were getting, the amazing reviews that people had and honestly, the reviews are real because I had those exact same experiences. Honestly, Google showed me EOC first but it was the Instagram, the Facebook and the TikTok, all the patients and everybody who have gone through down there that really, really made me make my decision. My surgeon was Dr. Galvo who is amazing and hilarious. I had my surgery on September 27th of 2023 and the surgery that I had was the endoscopic sleeve. Be proud of yourself for making the decision to do this. Don’t be so hard on yourself if things feel tough. You will get through this. It’s a journey. It’s not a race. It is a lifestyle change and you can do it. First of all, my experience in Mexico, obviously very first time I’ve been out of the country but my first experience was obviously with one of the drivers at the airport in California and let me tell you, they are amazing. Every driver we had, absolutely amazing, upbeat, positive. They make you feel so welcome and as soon as you hop in that van, you’re part of the family. You have no choice at that point. That experience on its own is one in a million. The staff at the hotel was wonderful. Having the EOC office right in the hotel was beautiful and the staff at the hotel office is amazing. The hospital staff was so above and beyond. I didn’t expect that type of care and very pleased with my experience in Mexico. Weight loss surgery has dramatically changed my life. It is making me feel more confident myself. It’s making me be more adventurous, thinking of the vacations I can take and things that I can do with my nieces and nephews that I’ve always kind of had to sit on the back burner because auntie might just not be able to do that. The possibilities that it’s opened up for me to continue living my life versus watching my life go by is phenomenal. I would do it 10 times over again. Upset I didn’t do it sooner and I would always choose EOC. I don’t think I’d go anywhere else if EOC was an option. I’d have to but I’d always choose EOC. Well today is January 9th of 2024 and my surgery was September 27th of 2023 and I’m officially down 54.7 pounds.

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