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EOC (Elias Ortiz & Company) helped Margarita, a young woman from Atlanta, Georgia, achieve her weight loss goals through gastric sleeve surgery. Margarita chose EOC because they provided an achievable and straightforward process without many obstacles. She first learned about EOC through TikTok and then joined their Facebook community, where she found support and heard positive experiences from friends who had also undergone surgery with EOC.

Dr. Ortiz performed Margarita’s surgery on December 19th, 2022. Reflecting on her journey, Margarita offers two pieces of advice: first, don’t let obstacles hold you back, and second, avoid comparing yourself to others. Before her trip to Mexico for the surgery, Margarita was nervous about the language barrier and being in a different country. However, she found that the people at EOC were respectful, caring, and helpful. Margarita even assisted other patients and her roommate using her limited Spanish skills. She describes her overall experience as amazing and recommends it to others.

The impact of the surgery on Margarita’s life has been significant. She no longer fears going out and now has the energy to enjoy life. Choosing outfits and showcasing her fashion and style without feeling self-conscious is a newfound freedom. Margarita has lost 135 pounds, attributing her success to the surgery, as well as regular exercise and a healthy diet. She emphasizes that losing weight has made exercising more enjoyable and motivating.

Overall, Margarita attributes her life-changing transformation to EOC’s weight loss surgery. She now feels confident and happy, able to fully embrace experiences and activities that were once out of reach.


My name is Margarita. I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and I am only 23 years old. I chose to have weight loss surgery with EOC because I was so young and I felt much older than my age and very unhealthy and of course in America jumping through the hoops and them saying I’m too young and it should just be easy for me really frustrated me because I wanted to get my life on track when I was young versus waiting till I was older and had a lot more problems. So I felt EOC that was achievable money-wise and it was not many hoops for me to jump through. I heard about EOC on TikTok while scrolling through and then once I joined the community on the Facebook group I actually found out that a couple of people that I know personally some of my friends have went to EOC to have surgery so it’s nice to be able to hear their testimonies and be able to chat closely with them. I had the gastric sleeve surgery done by Dr. Ortiz on December 19th of 2022 so not that long ago. I’m going to kind of combine two pieces of advice. My first one would be don’t let yourself create obstacles. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it because of x y and z. Just do it and second of all don’t compare your journey to anybody else’s. Don’t compare how quickly they lost or how slowly they lost or what they’re eating. Just do what’s best for you and what’s going to support your journey for the longest amount of time. Before I went to Mexico I was very nervous and very scared with the language barrier and being in a different country and the flight from Atlanta all the way over there to Tijuana or to San Diego and when I got there I mean the flight was nothing. The people were the most respectful, most caring people that I’ve ever received care from and everybody there was just so helpful and loving. I did speak a little bit of Spanish so I was able to help out around the hospital with other patients and my roommate but overall it was great, very clean, very amazing experience and it’s awesome to experience a different culture while going through this so I 100% recommend and agree with it. I feel that one of the biggest ways that my weight loss surgery has changed my life is that I’m not afraid to go out anymore so not only do I have more energy to go out but just a simple fact I don’t have to argue with myself and go through that process of hating myself because I can’t find an outfit that I feel good in or because I don’t want anybody to take pictures of me because I don’t like what I look good in and so I’m able to choose outfits and I’m able to really show my fashion and my style and I want to go out and I want to take pictures and I want to experience these experiences now so that’s just changed my life 180 degrees. I have currently lost 135 pounds. I do owe it to the surgery as well as exercise and diet change. I do exercise very regularly now and I always tell everybody it’s a lot easier to exercise when I have a whole other human off of my back literally with the amount of weight I’ve lost so even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to exercise now you can definitely get into it and you can definitely start to enjoy it and it also motivates you because you are seeing the difference on the scale as well as continuing my eating journey of making sure I stay on track with what’s best for me and best for my body.

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