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A patient named Samantha San Miguel shares her positive experience with Elias Ortiz & Company (EOC) weight loss surgery. Samantha became familiar with EOC through a friend who had surgery there and shared TikToks and a Facebook forum with her. Dr. Elias Ortiz performed Samantha’s gastric sleeve surgery on February 1, 2023. Samantha advises others to follow medical advice for successful weight loss and recovery. She describes her experience in Mexico as amazing, praising the medical staff, EOC staff, hotel staff, and the city of Tijuana for their kindness and concern. Samantha’s weight loss has greatly improved her quality of life, increasing her energy levels and allowing her to engage in physical activities without breathlessness. She has lost 72 pounds, dropped five pant sizes, and gone from a size 2X to a large in shirts. Samantha is thrilled about being able to shop in regular stores and hopes to continue losing weight. Overall, she expresses immense satisfaction with her decision to choose EOC and their services.


I’m Samantha San Miguel. I am from Andrews, Texas and I am 42 years old. So I got to be a companion with a really good friend of mine. She chose to go to EOC and asked me to be her companion. So I got to see the facilities, I got to see the medical treatment, her results. I was just way comfortable and excited and so just going with her and seeing firsthand was my final decision to go with EOC. So I heard about EOC through my really good friend that had surgery with them. She sent me TikToks. She sent me the link to join the Facebook forum. So yeah, she’s the one that referred me. So Dr. Elias Ortiz was my surgeon. I had the gastric sleeve and I had that done on February the 1st of 2023. My advice would be to listen to all medical advice. They tell you to do things a certain way for a reason. So if you listen, your weight loss is going to be a success. Your recovery is going to be a success and the whole thing is just going to be a breeze. My experience in Mexico was amazing. The medical staff, the EOC staff, even the bellhops and the hotel staff, everybody was so nice and so concerned for your well-being. Even the city of Tijuana was great. I did not feel scared or unsafe at any point. I never came across anybody that was not aware and concerned for your safety and well-being. My weight loss has just given me such a quality of life that I hadn’t had in a couple of years. My energy levels are insane. They’re through the roof. I can walk with no issues. I can run. I can skip. I can hike without losing my breath. It’s just been so amazing. I feel 20 years younger. I can’t believe that I waited so long to do this. It was, it’s just, I can’t even describe how great it’s been. So as of today, I am about 72 pounds down. I have dropped close to five pant sizes down. I started out at a size 22 and I am currently comfortably sitting and wearing a 14 in women’s. I’ve gone from a 2X to a large in shirt sizes. I even lost a whole shoe size. And so it has been amazing to be able to shop in normal, you know, regular stores and not have to buy plus size clothing. It’s gotten more affordable. So I’m looking to, you know, drop some more weight. So it’s been great.

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