How to Give Yourself a Bedoyecta Tri B12 Shot

These instructions are only regarding the Bedoyecta Tri B12 shots from TijuanaThis information is intended for weight loss surgery patients. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

Because different brands do come in different strengths, if you get the B12 injectables elsewhere, follow your doctor’s instructions.

Placing a B12 Injection

When possible, get a medical professional or friend to assist with placing the shots. The following is a list of steps to place a B12 shot yourself.

  • Wash hands and lay out what you will need.
  • Lay down a paper towel for your workspace
  • Place the following onto your paper towel: alcohol wipes or a cotton ball with alcohol, B12 prefilled injectable syringe, and the needle that comes in the package.
  • Wipe the area of your skin with the alcohol wipe where you plan on placing the injection. Wipe in in a small circular motion for 30 seconds, allow the skin to dry.
  • Open just the tip of the needle with a plastic connector on it.
  • Open the prefilled B12 syringe and remove the little rubber cap.
  • Connect the needle to the plastic hub of the B12 injectable and twist and push it on with just a slight amount of pressure so it does not come off during the shot.
  • Remove the grey long cap from the needle and hold the syringe up and express just a tiny drop of the B12 to remove any air.
  • Use the thumb and forefinger of your free hand to hold the skin of the injection site taunt.
  • Then hold the prefilled B12 syringe tight and firm and inject the needle into the skin at a 90-degree angle, so it is intra-muscular.
  • Push down the plunger slowly and gentle to place the B12 medication inside.
  • Keep the syringe in control and when empty, pull it out gently.
  • Use the cotton ball to apply some pressure to the injection site and cover it with a bandage.
  • Use a one-handed method to recap the syringe and dispose of it in a sharp’s container, coffee can or plastic laundry soap jug.
Success Tips

Usually the doctors recommend placing one injectable B12 each week for the first 4 weeks post-surgery and then afterward only one B12 injectable every 6 weeks like a booster shot.

You also can take the sublingual B12 tablets. They are exceptionally good and work very well for us. The B12 injectables are a personal preference and not mandatory.

I prefer to give the injection in the Dorsal gluteal/buttock because that area has the most tissue and space to give the injection.

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