Post-Op Diet: Week 2

Full Liquid Diet

After you have progressed through Week 1 of clear liquids, it is fine to start a full liquid diet. Basically, you are adding to your clear liquid diet, so keep drinking the clear liquids and begin to add fluids that are not clear and that can be sipped through a straw.

During the first 6 weeks, however, we ask that you avoid using straws.

Take small sips of your fluids and protein shakes, because if you take too big of a sip, or if you gulp or drink it too fast, it can cause you to swallow air. Air can create pressure and pain in your throat, chest, and/or new tummy. If liquids go in too fast, you will likely feel very uncomfortable, and you may feel nauseous and even vomit. At this point, you really need good nutrition, so please take your time and take small sips.


The full liquid diet allows a variety of liquids and protein supplements.

You will remain on this diet for the entire second week post-surgery. This will give your new stomach pouch and digestive system time to begin healing properly and allow you time to adjust to your new tummy’s size and limits.


You should drink approximately 2 to 3 ounces at a time.

If you feel good and would like to extend this phase for a few extra days, that is just fine as long as you are getting in the required fluids, vitamins, and grams of protein daily.


It is good to have a variety of protein shakes and mixes at home.

The plain unflavored protein powders can be added to broths, soups, watered and thinned down cereals, smooth yogurts, and sugar-free puddings. The main reason to add the unflavored protein powders to your drinks and foods is to help you get in the recommended daily amount of grams of protein. You do not need a fancy or expensive blender. The one you already have at home will probably work just fine.

Remember that protein promotes good healing and feeling satisfied and full. Please be aware that your body can only digest about 30 grams of protein at one time, or approximately 7 to 9 grams per hour. Make sure to spread out the amount of protein you are taking in throughout the day. We recommend trying to consume 60 to 100 grams of protein daily.

We recommend the following protein powders/shakes:
  • Low Carb EAS
  • SlimFast
  • Atkins Advantage
  • Carb Solutions
  • Premier Protein
  • Orgain Complete
  • 310 products
  • Lean Shakes from GNC
  • Genepro Protein Powder

Check out the huge variety of protein powders and shakes available on Amazon. You can also purchase them at Costco or Sam’s Club or most grocery, health food, and drug stores.

If you are looking for an upgrade, we recommend the following blender brands:

    •    NutriBullet Pro 900
    •    Black & Decker
    •    Tribest
    •    Bella
    •    Oster
    •    Vitamix

You can find these brands on Amazon or at any store that sells small kitchen appliances, such as Walmart.

Food & Drinks for a Full Liquid Diet

Carnation Breakfast Essentials powder or Ready-to-Drink shake

Make it with lite almond, lite soy, lite rice, lite cashew, or skim milk

Milk, skim/fat-free

Regular or lactose-free dairy milk, or lite almond, lite soy, lite rice, lite cashew, or skim milk

Milk, instant non-fat dry (any brand)

Great to add to other food to increase protein if needed

Pudding and custard (sugar-free only)

Limit to just a couple per day

JELL-O (sugar-free only)

Homemade or the little prepared cups, unlimited amount


Sugar-free, fat-free, or no carb, smooth or low carb without pieces of fruit

Vegetable Juice

V8 Diet vegetable juices, V8 Diet Splash, green or red Superfood powder or juice mix


 100 calorie Progresso soup, made thin, drinkable, and strained or ran through an immersion blender

Hot Cereal

 Thinned down and drinkable (e.g. Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice, oatmeal, grits)

It is super important to focus on fluids, vitamins, and grams of protein at this stage. Make sure that you are taking in enough grams of protein each day, and aim for 64 ounces of fluids daily.  You should have at least two of your three meals consist of a protein supplement added to other foods. A protein supplement packet, Genepro, or approximately 4 tablespoons of instant non-fat dry milk added to soups, cereals, yogurts, or puddings will help to increase the amount of much-needed protein you consume.

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